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Moving Klamath County Forward

Together, we can...

  • Grow clusters of tech companies (example - cyber security). Commissioner Morris crafted and secured legislation to bring more tech jobs to Klamath County. 

  • She was the only Commissioner in the state to successfully draft and secure legislation this session.

  • Get more people working in the kind of jobs that pay well enough so people aren’t living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Secure the future of our military base by landing the F-35 as Kingsley's next mission.

  • Keep Oregon Tech and KCC grads in Klamath County, working and contributing to our future.

  • Commissioner Morris works closely with Oregon Tech on strategies for keeping graduates in the county and serves on the Oregon Tech Board of Trustees.  

  • Commissioner Morris was selected to chair the successful search for new President Dr. Nagi Naganathon.

Elect Kelley Minty Morris
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