As citizens, can’t we expect more from government than shutdowns, shutoffs, and cutbacks?

I believe it’s possible to work together across our divisions for economic improvement to achieve a better future for our families. I want to lead us in the direction of opportunity, no more looking back and no more status quo.

With your help, we will work to make necessary changes in Klamath County.  We all know the untapped potential here, but deep divisions are holding us back. What we need is leadership committed to working with every citizen to increase business growth for job opportunities and a more attractive community.

We need that leadership now. As your County Commissioner, I’d offer experienced leadership.

As Communications and Outreach Manager of Citizens for Safe Schools, a private agency providing mentoring and educational opportunities for youth, I work with nearly every group in our community. As a member of the 2012 Klamath County Budget Committee, I volunteered to help through difficult economic times. In 2011, I helped form an effort to re-examine law enforcement funding. We brought the City and County together to propose realistic solutions.

I’m asking you to become part of something. You see, we don’t just need a financial contribution (although, every dollar helps); we need you to be on our team of problem solvers. I’ve talked to many people excited about Klamath’s potential. There are tremendous opportunities on the economic front we need to position ourselves for.

It’s time to do better. Please let me know I can rely on your help.

Kelley Minty Morris



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